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On Cats;
A bit more I've been meaning to post,
One of the worst things ever happened to me about two months ago, maybe three now.
Those of you who knew my cat Jiji can skip this bit, those who didn't he was my very best friend. He was huge and black and such an attention slut, if there were poeple around they HAD to pet him, it was a law. He would sleep right next to me. He used to wake me in the morning, only after my alarm went off. He'd do this by gently nipping at my hand or arm, or other extremetity that was outside of the blankets. Of course, if I didn't get up fast enough for his liking, for example, hitting the snooze bar, these nips would get harder and harder. So many little things that I adored and at times hated him for.
At the time mentioned he wasn't eating much anymore, and what he was was being thrown up shortly after he attempted to eat it... he lost a lot of weight, he used to be 20 pounds at the time we finnaly took him to the vet he weighed 8! The vet said he was attentive bhut an x-ray showed a blockage in his stomach, she wanted to do an exploratory surgery to see what it was. I agreed, fearing for the worst, but still wanting to make every effort to help him. It was the worst, he had stomach lessions, and problems realted to that in his digestive tract. Oh, and because of this, he had to be put to sleep. I was at work, my roommate had brought him in, and got the call right after lunch... I had to leave, my supervisor asked if there was anyhting wrong, must have shown on my face or something, and I just could not stop crying... still can't when I thnk of him.
I miss him terribly, and I don't think I'll ever get over it. I've never lost anyone close to me before and don't really know how to handle it.
The next week we went to shelters looking for a new kitten, I didn't want to be without a cat of my own. I have another cat, Fluffy, but she is, and will allways be, my Mom's cat, and I don't have any real attachment to her.
We found one. A very hard decission, as I'm still mourning Jiji and just want him back.
We brought her home, she's worked out very well. Her name is Shima, Japanese for "stripe" for she is striped with orange bloches on her here and there, very cute, as is the nature of kittens. She's very hyper, and playfull, but doesn't like being picked up or held in any way. She does adhere to the addage that evrything is cat toy, and one of her favorites is Fluffy. But i do love her, hopefully some day as much as I did Jiji.

posted by Raechel 10/31/2001 12:12:00 AM
On weddings;
A bit to say, but don't really know how to say it, I'm not as good at writing down my thoughts as some I know.
A friend of mine, Nightskye, got married this past weekend. This is all well and fine, and I wish them the best with their life together, not that I've ever met, spoken to or know anything about his now wife. See I wasn't invited to it, I kinda expected to, ALL my other friends were... except me. I don't know why, probably never will. This isn't what hurts, really. What hurts is all my other friends got to meet and hang out with each other all weekend, and are writing about what a good time they had and are having... really hurts that I can't be there with them, nor, does it seem that any of them are even thinking of me. Being with them is some of the best times I ever had, and like to relive that time and create some new lasting good memories. But is not to be.
Not that I think anyone is even reading this, but had to get that off my chest, in some way or another. Better this I think, maybe...

posted by Raechel 10/30/2001 11:38:00 PM