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On My Trip to Chicago;
I went mainly to see my friends UIM and Cat, whom I did, finally, get to see, and the local furry con, which provided me with a place to stay, as well as to meet with some people I knew from online.
Our tickets got screwed thanks to the unhelpful people at, a service which I will never hesitate to tell people to stay away from, our flight was some 12 hours later than we had originally planned upon. instead of 5:30 am, it was 5:45 pm.
We decided to catch an early showing of "Harry Potter", I quite enjoyed it, but having read the book, consider it the "Reader's Digest" version, and am hoping that "Lord of the Rings" doesn't have the same feelings of leaving things out. After the movie we went to lunch and caught a taxi to the airport from where my roommate works. This costs $30, getting on at the nearby hotel, across the street, would have cost $60!
We go through airport security, this is fun... I love having my carry on and purse hand searched, but what the hey, never been through this before, it's a bit novel.
We sit around the airport for about 3 hours, blech...
We get onboard the plane, only 40 minutes after we were told they would be boarding.
We wait on the plane for a half hour, it taxis out to the runway.
It taxis back.
We are told there is a leak in the seal of one of the doors, not life threatening, it would have just been loud, they have gotten a mechanic to look at it. We are told we don't have to get off the plane for them to fix it.
We are told we have to get off the plane while they fix it.
We wait in the airport for another hour.
They call some cities which their departing flight will have left by the time we get there, not ours, thankfully.
We get back on the plane, and it actually takes off this time!
We get to the airport in Ohio, just before landing we are told that all connecting flights have left! Thank you Continental. Their parents apparently don't let them fly after 9:30 pm.
We are put up for the night at a local hotel, and given coupons for free dinner and breakfast, and put on the first flight the next morning.
We get to the hotel, and although we are traveling together, they give us each a room, coolness. We go to get dinner and find out that the restaurant in the hotel is closing in 10 minutes, and there is nothing else around. We order room service. :)
The next day goes well to the airport. They don't have a x-ray machine in the Ohio airport we were in, so everything had to be hand searched, there's something I really don't like about some stranger handling my panties. But no problems there. They we had to be handsearched again going to the terminal.
They plane only left a little late, but we got to Chicago over a day later than we wanted to.
We take a taxi to the hotel where the convention is, the other side of Chicago. This costs $70! He also didn't know exactly where it was, though when we got off the highway it was right in front of us. Took him a few minutes to find the entrance.
We go in, get our rooms, and collapse for a few minutes. I check for messages to see if UIM had called, he had tried but the front desk had screwed up the reservations, when my friend, 'Da Bunnyman, called the night before to tell them we were still coming, so they told UIM that they was no one with that name at the hotel.
The con was somewhat fun. I met a few people who I wanted to, got to talk with them in person for a change. Also called UIM and Cat's apartments numerous times to try to get in touch with them. Is interesting, the hotel charges us for the calls even though they were all done with my calling card.
They was also a group from a local animal rescue group called Wolf Park, they also raise wolves. They had brought in a number of live real wild animals, a fennic, a hawk, a ringtailed lemur and a bobcat, was very cool!
Tried going out to a local Japanese mall with a group of people from the con, they disappear, we decide to go anyway. We get a stupid taxi driver who has no idea where the place is, even after getting directions from two different people. He decides that every oriental food place is the mall we are looking for, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, "Is is that one?" "NO! It's a mall!" We do finally get there, 10 minutes before it closes. So we find an exeptable restaurant to eat at.
Finally get a message from UIM, they are going to try to be at the hotel after he gets out of work the next day, which he figures will be around 5 or so. So we go to the Japanese mall again. We get a local taxi driver this time, takes around 5 minutes to get there.
Some of the best shops that where there last year when they went to the con are closed. But one of the toy stores is still open! :) I only buy a couple of PVC Transformers, and resist buying the $85 reissue of one of the Japanese exclusive Transfomers... didn't have the money anyway.
We call a taxi, which proves more difficult than you would think, because none of the taxi companies knew where the Japanese mall was, but we ask the floor walker they have and get the address and get back to the hotel.
UIM has left more messages. He got out at 2 and is on his way, figures he'll be over around 3-3:30, it was 3:30 then.
A knock on the door, it's UIM!! He was going to leave a note saying that he had been there and was sorry they missed us. I go down to the lobby where Cat is waiting, and while we are talking he inflicts one of the games he has upon me, was fun and we want to buy it now.
The convention is almost over so I take them to see what I can show them. Which happens to be the live animals. I think Cat liked them, but they were in cages by that time.
So we go back up to our room, and order dinner, after everyone figures out what they want, twice. They first place we called no longer delivers. And we play that game again. All to soon they have to leave, but it was worth it! I do miss them, and most of my old friends a lot.
The next day consists mainly of getting back to airport, decent driver this time, knows the short cuts, took us an hour to get to the hotel, and a half-hour to get back to the airport, and waiting around the airport.
All the flights go as planned, no real delays, just was in a small commuter type plane for the whole way back, the type with 3 seats across the whole plane. And, of course, being hand searched at every airport, getting real tired of this by this point.
Finally get home and get to sleep.

posted by Raechel 12/12/2001 12:58:00 AM
Finally posting again.
Thanks to all those who expressed their remorse for Jiji.

posted by Raechel 12/12/2001 12:04:00 AM