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Oh, I guess I should tell you all that my e-mail adress has changed. The old one will work for a couple weeks, but the new one is,
posted by Raechel 2/26/2002 11:29:00 PM
This past weekend went to comic book/toy show in Boston, was severly tempted by the numerous Transformers that I don't have. They were calling me, but I resisted, I was good.
Also went to see the film "Metropolis", the anime one not the classic silent sci-fi one. Was incredibly animeted if a bit confusing story wise, but I fell asleep for a couple minutes towards the beggining and might have missed an important plot point.

posted by Raechel 2/26/2002 11:27:00 PM
On the days of the 17th and 18th I went to the 24 hour sci-fi film marathon. This was my fourth one, but they did show some really dull movies this time. The worst of these is a film called "The Terminal Man" This was so dull that the audience began chanting whatever the characters were doing. Like "Wash, wash,wash" when a character was taking a shower, and "Jump, jump, jump" when a character was standing on an edge. Audience participation is very much encouraged.
Did see some films I liked though. "X-Men", "Evolution", the 1925 print of "The Lost World" with wonderful piano playing to go with it. Also liked "The Omega Man" with Charton Heston at his Charton Hestonest. Also shown were "The Creature with the Atom Brain", bad, "These are the Dammed", not bad, but an 40 minute set up for the plot is just to long, but fun to see Oliver Reed as a british street gang leader, "Dr. X", not horrible, but the reporter character is just way too annoying, "Iceman", the Iceman was great, the ending was kinda sucky, "Godzilla vs Destroya", typical, lots of fun miniture sets being stomped on by guys in rubber suits, "Happy Accidents", good, nice twist on time travel, "Wave Twisters", the worst piece of crap I've seen at one of these marathons, a badly animated thing with horribly repetive, horrible rap music.

posted by Raechel 2/26/2002 12:43:00 AM
I did go to the SCA swap meet on the 2nd.
Was fun for the first hour or so, was supposed to meet some others there.
They were supposed to be there before us, there were the ones who knew others, so we could make connections. This didn't happen as they did not show up untill after we had to be at work.
Lots of stuff I wanted to buy, but, yet again, not much money. I bought a belt. Was going to buy a small dagger, but the one I had seen earlier was bought by the time I got back to that booth.
The people in full armour wacking each other with what looked to be bamboo poles made to look like swords was cool though.

posted by Raechel 2/26/2002 12:14:00 AM
I, on the other hand do not find pleasure in others misfortune and pain... unless they deserve it.
posted by Raechel 2/26/2002 12:10:00 AM

Who's Your Inner Buffy Bad-Girl? Find out @ She's Crafty

Again, not that I'm surprised. And I love her taste in clothes! >:)
posted by Raechel 2/26/2002 12:08:00 AM