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Started looking for a new apartment as the currrent one at $1285 per month is getting a bit much. No luck so far. We thought we had a place but got turned down for it.
posted by Raechel 3/21/2002 07:29:00 PM
Saw a couple of movies this past weekend. Went to see "Ice Age" on Sunday, was very much a family oriented movie, lotso'kids there. It held thier attention as they were quiet during the movie. Was fun and had its very humourus moments. Then went to see "Resident Evil" on Monday. Was a great deal better than I thought it would be, I mean it's based on a video game, and how good have movies of that genre been? This was a really good action movie, not heavy onplot or character development, heck, most of them don't last that long anyways. And, if you know the games, neatly frames the first and second one, as well as answers some of the questions about the games.
posted by Raechel 3/21/2002 07:27:00 PM
I just wish to express my condolences to Paul and Brenda on the loss of her father a couple of days ago.
I only met him a couple of times, and like Al mainly remember him smiling at thier wedding, and would prefer to remeber him in that way, in a great mood and smiling.

posted by Raechel 3/21/2002 07:23:00 PM