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Went to Medieval Manor this past Saturday for my boyfriend's birthday,was fun, if practially the same show we saw a couple years ago there. They do have a better king now though.
Then we just came home and had cake, they don't do dessert at the Manor.

posted by Raechel 11/14/2002 12:20:00 AM
OK so here is my Goolism;

raechel is a senior at red lion area high school (not for many years now...)
raechel is a chartered accountant with extensive project management experience including several years in london as a project (ummm.... no! bur the several years in London seems nice...)
raechel is the choral director at nicholas a
raechel is 5’5 inches tall (I do want to be a bit shorter)
raechel is gonna be so shocked when she hears that i was out with winston tonight (Probably... who's Winston?)
raechel is able to specialize in helping all types of riders learn how to balance and bend their horses (Why would you want to be able to bend a horse?)
raechel is married to a wonderful man and has two children (Not yet, and not likely)
raechel is predominately a quiet
raechel is a team player (not really)
raechel is 9 years old (If only)
raechel is the raccoon (TRUE)
raechel is dead (FALSE)
raechel is really going to miss all of her friends at school and church (School yes. Church!!??)
raechel is one of the corporate landing meteorologists
raechel is the daughter of melody parker alexander of santa barbara and the late dodge parker
raechel is probably the only editor i feel confident making such a judgment about
raechel is pwc's senior manager of sustainability solutions and won runner up in the icanz central region young accountant of the year
raechel is responsible for planning and conducting reader education programmes for nursing and health sciences students as well as liaising with the faculty
raechel is my heartbeat
raechel is planning to major in pre (That's it, I'm just going to major in "pre")
raechel is not dating younger men (Am too, by a month!)
raechel is getting ready to move (TRUE, I hate Lynn,MA)
raechel is (I AM)
raechel is just sitting in (her chair)
raechel is a very good debater (not really)
raechel is four years old now (now I'm 4, I was just 9)
raechel is a stern editor
raechel is the other female lead
raechel is the daughter of gordon kell and c barton
raechel is performing get the paerty started by pink and brianne is doing some female love song type affair that i feel relieved for not knowing the title or
raechel is a meteor
raechel is back
raechel is better (back and better than ever)
raechel is a freshman attending ambassador baptist college in lattimore (Even if I did go back to school, I can guarantee it would have nothing to do with any sort of religeon)

posted by Raechel 11/14/2002 12:15:00 AM