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I do regret many of things I've done and said and haven't done or said. But just about all of my regrets come wtih qualifiers, if I hadn't done things just the way I did I wouldn't be the person I am now. The same thing with people if I didn't know and befriend the people I had I would also not be the person I am now. I like who I am, I didn't allways... but I changed that, I changed a great deal about me. I don't hold onto regrets much, you can't change the past, you should worry too muchh about what you did or didn't do. I wish I transitioned when I was in my teens like some of my friends did, but... I didn't so I'm making the best of it now.
I don't make friends easliy, never have, never have had that many. Friendships I do make tend to last, I still have a number of which I met in high school, which is half a lifetime ago now. I cherish those friendships as well as the ones I have now and hope they continue.

posted by Raechel 12/02/2002 01:21:00 AM
Well, I went to my boyfriend's sister's house up in Maine for Thanksgiving. Was the best dinner I've had for quite along time. :)
Was also less stressful than last year, partly because I've met them all before, and partly becasue his grandmother wasn't there this year. She's a nice woman but a bit on the extremly old fasioned and conservative. I never did feel comfortable around such people.

I also bought a christmas tree this year. (Gotta love the amount of Pagan tradions than got mixed in with christian holidays.) And, if you know me, you know I absolutely HATE christmas... and most other holidays for that matter. Allways a depressing time of year for me, more so now that I can't spend it with my family. Least I can spend it with Peter's.
So why the tree? My roommate really, I wouldn't allow one last year. She has similar family problems and it really cheered her up. Unfortunatly couldn't afford much of tree, it's small and artficial, but we got nice lights and some balls and garland, and Hello Kitty ornaments. Stilll have to find a nice Precious Moments one, to honor my Mom. I used to buy her one every year for christmas... she loved them so, and I bought them even though they were all so religeously themed. *sigh* I miss her.

I miss a lot of my friends too. (To add to that bandwagon ;) )

posted by Raechel 12/02/2002 01:05:00 AM