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Some notes to Tempest on LXG;

Dorian Grey is one of the heroes, he's immortal. (So long as the painting is undamaged, least his portrait is on the cover of the Graphic novel)
Allan is spelled with two "L's". (He's British, like they know how to spell)
No scenes will be in of the Invisble Man in a girl's school. (That I've heard at any rate, can't have a serial rapist as a hero)
Nor will Fu Manchu be in it. (Legal issues, not that he was ever named in the graphic novel)
Nor will Moriarity. (dunno why, he's public domain)
Nor Bond. (Was written out at the last moment, but is mentioned)
But for our wonderful American Audience there IS Tom Sawyer! :P

The villian is someone named Phantom (could be The Phantom of comic books or The Phantom of the Opera, but most likely just someone made up by the studio)

I do hope they leave in some of the many wonderful literary references the novel had. I do fear that it will either be really good, or suck tremendously.

posted by Raechel 7/03/2003 01:28:00 AM
Also today went to waterpark and had a really fun time, but, of course, with my complexion I now look like a slightly boiled lobster.

Other than that been changing all of the settings on my computer and website to reflect the changes in my webservice.

posted by Raechel 6/30/2003 11:34:00 PM
For those who care, my website address and e-mail have changed to addresses.

posted by Raechel 6/30/2003 11:32:00 PM