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Went to a local sci-fi con this past weekend, Arisia. Finally got some nice ren faire boots, a giant inflatable sword and got some fangs custom made for my teeth.

So I want to be a cat-girl?

It wasn't the most exciting time and some of my friends that were supposed to come were being lazy and didn't, but, it was better than most years. I don't actually attend the con itself, it's in a hotel and they designate one floor "Dealer's Row" and that's where my friend Da Bunnyman sets up his shop and I hang out him (and help out with the loading and unloading of boxes).

Oh and my boyfriend finally started getting his ren faire outfit! :) Also went down to Chinatown and finally found a plush Chococat.

The weekend before that I was at the Fetish Fair Fleamarket and that was a much better time. I rarely buy anything at this one, most of the stuff is just too expensive, just bought one or two inexpensive toys. Most of the fun is after the official events are over, room parties or private partying. Mine were somewhat private. :)

Spent most of that weekend sleepy. Friday night I got in bed at around 3am, whoever had the room before us set the alarm clock to 3:30, and it had NO OBVIOUS off button. Cindi finally got up and yanked the cord from the wall. Around 5:30 or so our neighbors were being loud, It wasn't so much the whipping as that he's a screamer. Then at 7:30 some moron pulled the fire alarm. Still didn't detract from most of the fun, but kept taking naps all day Saturday.

Christmas was pretty good, we opened presents on christmas morning, just after Cindi got home from work at 1:30 in the morning. I got a bunch of silly little things, the Happy Tree Friends plushies, one of the Chobits UFO Catchers, and egyptian temple cat statue, a knit hat with kitty ears and a couple of gift certificates. Oh, and Bunnyman got me my ticket for SF29, the 24 hour sci-fi film marathon.

For those who might be wondering, my Dad is ok. I spoke with him a couple weeks after the last post and he was slurring his speak a bit and he was going to have to go to rehab, at the same center where my Mom is.

My Birthday was fun, as per usual I didn't work that week and a couple of my friends got together and bought me a ticket to Noreascon 4, that's the Worldcon for this year, and it's in Boston, Terry Pratchet is the author GOH. :)
posted by Raechel 1/22/2004 01:32:00 AM